Electro house, big room, progressive house, trap

Soulkids is an electronic music duo from Barcelona, created by Natx and Gabi.

These young guys became a duo at early January of 2017, but they have been playing individually for years.
Their music is intended for all audiences, their productions sound so fresh and happy at the same time, that’s because they emphasize in good and catchy melodies and harmony in their tracks.

Their philosophy is that they never want to stop producing and djying.
They create and play so many genres like tropical house, mombathoon, melodic trap, EDM, etc.

They feel confortable playing and producing every genre.
They reached the TOP 10 on the popular sales list at Itunes Spain for two weeks, and a lot of plays in YouTube and Spotify with all of their singles.
All of these allowed their tracks to be heard in two of the biggest Spanish radios, Flaix FM and Maxima FM.